Thursday, December 13, 2012

Request a loan form paranmt company - letter

29th November, 2013

Mr. _______ Jayathilaka
Chief Operation Officer
______ Land and Load PLC
253/12, 2rd floor
_____ _____l Mawatha

Dear Sir,

Request a Rs. 50M Loan for --------- -------- Management (Pvt) LTD

We have sent this letter to you in order to explain our reasons behind requesting a loan for alteration and beautification Project Of --------- -------- Management (Pvt) LTD

Up to now, we have spend the following expenses and partially completed the Ceiling and Tilling works

Ceiling works
Building Service _____ & Co 
- 05/10/2013                                          -  Rs.  4,071,110.30
- 09/11/2013                                          -  Rs.  6,129,922.38

-Fire Detection System (18/10/2013)      - Rs.   1,598,970.88
                                                                                       - Rs. 11,800,003.56
Tilling work
Tiles Import and LC Charges                                           - Rs.  1,108,399.86

Design One                                                                     - Rs.  7,276,760.00

Total                                                                               - Rs.20,185,163.42

Further more,  we will have to pay several advance payments before this “X-Mas’’ to contactors in addition to the day to day expenses and seasonal promotion of _ _ _ Management (Pvt) Ltd.

Further, At this point it is difficult to manage the company due to the unavailability of funds.

Therefore, we need to obtained Rs. 50M loan from ______ Land and Load PLC for complete the same projects with immediate effect.  Further, we have planned to repay the same loan with in 5 years time.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully

K Kariyakarawana De Silva
--------- -------- Management (Pvt) LTD


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