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Become an Excellent professional personality in a challenging working  environment that would enable  me to fulfil and develop my skills and professional abilities in the Finance, Audit, Accounts and Corporate Sectors affectively leading to self progress & career succession in the field of the same.


NAME IN FULL                               : Katanvila Kankanamalage Nuwan Sampath Kumara.

ADDRESS                                         : No: 686/12,” Jayamenike” Rice Mill Road, Katunayake

TELEPHONE NUMBER                 : 011-2255142, Mobile 071-3058663
NATIONALITY                                 : Srilankan

DATE OF BIRTH                             : 1979.12.18

SCHOOL ATTENDED                    : St/ Peters Central College, Negombo

SEX                                                    : Male



Subject                                                                        Grade                         

            Mathematics                                                                D
            Sinhala                                                                        D
            Social Studies                                                              D
            Religion                                                                       D
            Science                                                                        C
            Commerce                                                                   C
            English                                                                        C
            Art                                                                               S


             Subject                                                                       Grade 
            Economics                                                                     B                               
            Business Statistics                                                         B
            Accountancy                                                                 S
            Business Studies                                                            S


·         Held Treasurer Ship in school Health Society during the period of 1997-1998.

·         A Member of Commerce Union.

·         Held the Study Leadership during the Advance Level period.


Passed the Foundation Examination (Stage1) at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Srilanka in 2002 January.

Subject                                                                                                    Grade

Introduction to Decision Making Techniques                                           A

Introduction to Financial Accounting                                                     B

Introduction to Business                                                                           C

Business Communication I                                                                      C

Passed the Intermediate Examination (Stage1I) at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Srilanka in 2003 July.

Subject                                                                                                    Grade

Auditing                                                                                                   C

Financial Accounting                                                                              C
Business Communication II                                                                    C

Business Finance and Decision                                                              C

Commercial Law and Tax                                                                      C

Passed Finalist of The Association of Accounting Technicians of Srilanka. (AAT)


 Training institution                                                               Period of training

 1: Jayaweera & Company                                                    February 2002 to February 2004
    Colombo 02.          
    (A firm of Chartered Accountants)
Jayaweera & Company is a professional service organisation which is registered as a Practising Institution at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Srilanka, committed to provide professional services for companies through out the country. Practice area including Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Business Financial Consulting.

Training career with Jayaweera & company is as follows.
Designation                                                                Period

Accounts & Audit Trainee                                           2002 Feb to 2003 Feb
                Audit Senior                                                             2003 Feb to 2004 Feb

 Training institution                                                              Period of training

      2: Ernst & Young                                                                   April 2004 to August 2009
     De Saram Place,
     Colombo 10.
     (Global Audit firm of Practising Chartered

Ernst & young is a professional global service organisation committed to providing various services for the companies through out the world. Practice area including Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Business Financial Consultation

      Training Career with   Ernst & young is as follows.

 Designation                                                              Period

 Audit & Management Accountant                              2004 April to 2005 April
Senior Accountant                                                   2005 April to 2006 April
                Executive                                                              2006 April to 2007 April
               Senior Executive                                                     2007 April to 2010 April

During my professional career at ERNST & YOUNG and JAYAWEERA & CO I have had the opportunity to acquire wide range of experience by being of service to diversified clients which include amongst organisation in the following business sectors.

*Manufacturing                                                            *Investment
            *Hotels                                                                         * Insurance
            *Non profit organization                                              *Banking & finance
   *Agriculture                                                                 *Constructions
   *Export / Imports                                                         * Aviation Services

3: Screeenline (Pvt) Ltd                                                                  April 2010 to November 2010
     Talwatta. Gonawala
     (Garment Manufacturing )

Screeenline (Pvt) Ltd global service organisation committed to providing Printing, Embroiderer & other services for the companies throughout the world.

     Career with   Screeenline (Pvt) Ltd is as follows.

 Designation                                                              Period

 Accountant                                                                 2010 April to 2011 January.


During my Training period which is signed in between, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Srilanka and with the above mentioned Chartered Accountants, I have fulfilled the following Tanning requirements.

External Audit, Internal Audit working experience

·         Recording financial transactions
·         Preparing financial statement including with consolidations
·         Applying relevant Srilanka Accounting standards, Company Act and other requirement to financial statements
·         Analysing and interpreting financial statements
·         Preparing and reviewing budgets, comparison against performance, profit & cash flow forecasts.

·                     Planning, controlling & recording audit work
·                     Assessing adequacy  of accounting system
·                     Gathering & evaluating audit evidence
·                     Evaluating & testing internal controls
·                     Reviewing financial statements
·                     Applying Auditing Standards, SLAPS & other Gide lines
·                     Compliance with regularity body requirements
·                     Drafting audit & similar reports

·         Analysis of income, expenditure & other relevant tax data
·         Preparation of personal & corporate tax returns & computation
·         Preparation of returns & administration of PAYEE,VAT,GST,NSL,ESC & Other Excise Duties
·         Communication with tax authorities
·         Other work to ensure compliance with statutory tax obligations

            Information Technology

·         Carrying out general controls & application reviews
·         Security reviews
·         Using data bases / spread sheets / word processing systems
·         Using accounting packages / presentation packages
Business Risk Serves
·         Highlighting the internal control weaknesses implication of such a weaknesses    
                         and recommendation corrective action
·           Reviewing and performing inventory verification and valuation
·           Verification of fixed assets
·           Risk analysis of debtors and creditors
·           Reviewing & recommending cash management procedures


Industry Exposure

Duties and areas of work
Manufacturing                         (Brandix Lanka Limited)           
Eden Fashion                                  

(Brandix Lanka Limited)              
BrandixCasual Ware 

Responsible of handling and reporting of Daily Freight
Register in the Company 
Responsible officer of handing and reporting Advance    Payment Process in the company.
Aviation Services                                         
(SriLankan Airlines)
Financial Accounting Division         

(SriLankan Airlines )                 
Security & Investigations division,
In-flight division,
Airport Services and RAMP
Medical Centre
Pay roll division

Performed and assisted the physical verification of  Fixed Assets & reconciliation by using Oracle Accounting package

Performed an assignment through the Internal Audit Department in SriLankan Airlines relating to selected divisions and reviewed and reported the internal control weaknesses and non compliance of
The company rules and regulations.
Non Government Organisation  
(World vision)                                

Handling, preparing, reconciling & reporting of Branch cash & bank transactions.


  • Passed the certificate of diploma in English language in the Institute of English Training (I.E.T)
  • Followed the training courses that are conducted by the IT faculty of the Institute of chartered Accountants of Srilanka.

            Final Level I : Hands of experience on computer application: Excel


Mr. L.G.H. Terance kumara                                       Mr. Mahaesh Nanayakkara (FCA)
(MAAT, ACA, ASCMA)                                              Group Internal Auditor
Accountant                                                                  SriLankan Airline
ASSETLINE, Leasing Co. Ltd                                     Tel: 077-3451056
Tel: 0112-4325455 (Office)
0112-519756 (Residence)

I here by certify that the above mentioned particulars are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

……03.01.2011…..                                                                 ………………..
        Date                                                                                    Signature


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