Friday, December 14, 2012

Request Letter for Correct the Data

Doc 10, 2012
Commissioner of Labour
Employee Provident Fund
Central Bank of ____________
PO Box: 1299
Colombo - 02

Dear Sir
EPF NO   : 28836/ A/ 91
NAME OF THE EMPLOYEE      :  MR. ___________ Weerasekara

We write to inform you that the above mentioned employee’s National identity card number has erroneously updated in you records. (I.e :- the same has updated as I.D NO: 780652034V instead of 780652030V)

Further, Certified Copy of the National identity card has attached here with for your information and requests you to correct the same error and update the records correctly.

Thank You,
Yours faithfully
______ ______ Management Co. Ltd

_ _ _ S. Kalupahana


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