Monday, January 7, 2013

Refuse to pay insurance Claim Letter to tenant

Date : 08th December, 2012 

No: 43/12
Ground Floor,
_______ Arcade,
Colombo - 13

Dear Sir,

We refer your Letters dated 12nd November 2011 and 24th November 2011 and deny contents in the same. We expressly deny your purported claims as set out in your letters under reference and wish to place on record that the contents of the said letters are false and baseless.
We also wish to place on record that, we are not liable to the purported loss and / or damages claimed in your letters under reference.
Furthermore, without prejudice to the aforesaid as a member of the Liberty Plaza Management Corporation you are well aware that we cannot be held liable to such purported claims.

Yours faithfully

_________ Darmapriya




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Tom Hardy

So wait, why did you get shut down? What exactly are you trying to claim? I have no idea how tenant insurance in Calgary works but I am assuming for them to shut you down and for them to address you as a member it would have to be something significant.

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