Friday, January 4, 2013

Draft Complain letter

01st December 2012
Administration Manager
......... Arkade Management LTD
No : 250/15, Galle Road


Dear Sir,

(1) This is to inform you that the common area on the 6 th floor, especially outside our front door (6/10) and the wall opposite and the area opposite the lift doors are badly in need of  cleaning and painting.
I hope you will pay urgent attention to this request and the work will be completed  by early Dec 2012.

I have just received your notice of AGM and EGM where Resolution 01 is to increase members contribution / service charge by 25%.
It would be good if at the time you are requesting a 25% increase from all residents you could also provide the residents of the upper floors a refubishment service which will improve our common areas - in a manner similar to the way the shops and shop owners in the shopping mall are being looked after.

(2) At the AGM are you proposing to give us a presentation of your plans for all the common areas on all floors and an update on work in the shopping mall area and the Food court? Could you also let us know if your plans include anything you could do about the door leading to the Garbage clearance area (North End). This garbage room door is right beside the front entrance to the apartments and every evening when the garbage room door is opened, to carry out rubbish sorting, the stench is unbearable. Can this door be relocated in a differnt part of the garbage room to improve the quality of life for both residents and our visitors. This will become an even more glaring design error once all the other refurbishments are done to improve the look of the mall.
Could you please reply to above  as soon as possible.
Thank You
Yours Faithfully

I D. Eveload


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