Friday, January 11, 2013

Check list for AGM


01. Prepare the list of condominium oweners and mark attendance of all owners /share holders  and proxies who attend the meeting by requesting them to sign as they enter the meeting room

02. Have ballot papers redy with the name of each condominium owner/ share holders, unit number and the number of votes (which is equivalant to the share value assigned to the unit)

03. Check whether the quorum is present

04. Elect a chairman (Pro tem)

05. Read the notice and agenda ( or take it as read)

06. Take up the minites of the previous meeting for confirmation

07. Consider the matters arising from the minutes

08. Consider all new matters listed in the agenda commencing with the auditors report and adoption of the same

09. Seek member's approval for the budget for the next financial year and for the contribution to be levied per share value.

10.Any new matters

11. Eletion of new council members /Directors.

12. Chairman (pro-tem) shall announce the name of the newly elected council members/directors and hand over the chair the newly elected Chairman.

13. New Chairman's address.


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