Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reply to Show Cause letter

07th February 2011

Mr. _ _ _ Obama
No: 253/3, White Clean House

Dear Sir,


We write to further to your letter dated 4th February   2011 and our previous     correspondence regarding the captioned matter.

The Domestic inquiry to be held on 15th February 2011 is for the purpose for the Management Company (Pvt) Ltd to ascertain whether you are guilty of the charges more fully set out in the show cause letter under reference and to afford you an opportunity to exonerate yourself from the said charges, as such it is an internal inquiry. We have also retained the services of an independent inquiry officer to ensure that the said inquiry will be held impartially and no prejudice is caused to you.

as such you will not be permitted to be represented by any lowyer at the inquiry. it has also been the policy of the Management not to permit copies of the proceedings to be given to any accused employee. hoeevr you are at liberty to take down the proceedings during the inquiry.

Yours sincerely

P H D Kumararathne
_________ Management (Pvt) Ltd


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