Saturday, December 15, 2012

Letter to increase the Charges

From                    : XXXXX XXXXX Pannapala
Date                     : 25th, October 2012
Subjects               : Billing On XXXXX (PVT) LTD Power Consumption
To                         : Maintenance Engineer,
                               Mr. Gervin  Abeydeera

Increase in Billing of XXXXX (PVT) LTD  cooling package

As you are aware the electricity cost of the corporation has increased by 20%, this is due to the fuel Adjustment Charges (F.A.C) imposed by the Ceylon Electricity Board. Further, as a result of this over monthly electricity cost has increased by 1 M.

However, as per the corporation practice we have charged additional charge form the XXXXX (PVT) LTD when C E B imposed F.A.C. this was happen from January 2011 onward and, When  C.E.B. Stopped  levying  F.A.C  the same was withdraw   from XXXXX (PVT) LTD power consumption bill.

Again form February 2012 C.E.B. Started levying F.A.C to our main bill and no respective increase has done for keels. Therefore,  From  October 2012 the  F.A.C. will be added  to keels power consumption  bill and areas  as to be  collected  from  same  party

Further, Please be kind enough to advice the Accountant AMPL to issue the invoice on power consumption according to the fluctuation for respective bill

Thank  you

(Accounts Clark)
AVIVA Management (Pvt) Ltd


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