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How To Write A Debt Collection Letter

September 12, 2011( Mentioned the Correct Date)

Mrs. XXXXXX (Name of the Debtor)
XXXXX – 03 (Address)

Dear Sir,


UNIT NO: 250/1/34U

We wish to draw your immediate attention that our records show that an amount totaling Rs 139,536.70 (Mention Outstanding amount) is remained unsettled as at 31st August 2011on account of the member’s contribution on the aforesaid unit occupied by you.

We would therefore appreciate if you could kindly settle the above sum on or before 30/09/2011. (Mention the Date)

Please note that the XXXXXXX (Your Company Name)’s recurring and non recurring expenditure for the maintenance of the equipment at the shopping Mall is totally covered by Service Charge/ rentals levied by the Members and any default in such payments may cause inconvenience to the   XXXXXXX (Your Company Name)  .

Thank You and looking forward to your prompt attention in this regard.

Yours faithfully,

K.X.X.X. XXXXXXX (Name of the Person)

C.C. Mr. Praveen Dassanayaka
        Mr. S. Sarwamutthu (Chairman)
        Mr. Samara De Silva


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