Saturday, January 7, 2012

Face Act

As per the  load buddha's  preaching the main things that we have to practice in our life is Five precepts. as we are budhist we  have to practice thease code of conduct (ethics) every day.

the five precept are as follows

01. Panati pata weramani sikka padan samadiyami - abstaining from killing living beings
02. Adinnadana weramani sikka padan samadiyami - abstaining  from steeling of which are not belongings to  us
03. Kamasumichchacara weramani sikka padam samadiyami - abstaining from unusual sexual miss behaviors
04. Musawada weramani sikka padan samadiyami - abstaining from false speech. 
05. Surameraya sikka padan samadiyami - abstaining from drugs and intoxicants



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